About us and aerials we take with our octocopters

Aerial photographs for music videos, feature films, promotional films and advertising

You profit from our many years of experience and collaboration with TOP cameramen from the film industry. We deliver impressive aerial photographs taken from a bird’s perspective with perfectly stabilized cinematography.

Photo shoots starting already in 2007

Since 2007, we have been conducting professional photo shoots in these lines of endeavor: business, sports and events. At BSE-Pictures.de we warmly invite you to convince yourself of our quality.

Drone development since 2011

After we had evolved further and further to the point where our creative ideas no longer had boundaries, the project, “Aerial Drone” came into being. After several months of hard work, we were finally ready to go in mid-2011. The octocopter passed its maiden flight successfully and delivered gorgeous and needle-sharp aerial photos of the highest quality. With that, it became possible for us to deliver professional photo and video shots from every possible perspective.

Video production by means of camera drones

As time passed, we refined our technology further and further and now belong to the few who can fly even heavy equipment like a RED Epic in our drone. With that, it was just a small step to move beyond our own know-how and enlist cinematographers to come onboard. As a result, we are optimally positioned in the marketplace and working together, can now deliver impressive video footage for promotional films, advertising spots and film productions.

Video Presentation