Our services for your video production

We are able to offer a variety of copter models and camera systems for the production of video and still photographs. In addition to several flight platforms (with 4 to 8 motors), we employ lots of different cameras and camera stabilization systems. As a result, your ideas and wishes are no longer limited! Every imaginable perspective can be reached in flight and delivered in excellent HD quality. All of the film copters we use were developed by us and guarantee perfect picture quality—ideal for feature films, promotional shots and advertising spots! For video transmission back to ground, we have several monitors available; as a result, the photographic material can be followed in real time by the customer/director. Our systems can be used not only outdoors but also indoors. With that, our systems can provide camera flights above machines, inside installations and through factories.

Octocopter XL



Drone with 8 Motors
Flighttime ca. 6 to 12 Minutes
Stabilized Gimbal over 3 Axes
Camera: Canon C300; Blackmagic 4k
Optional: Equipment up to 9kg (z.B. RED Epic; Alexa Mini)
Drone with 8 Motors
Flighttime ca. 6 to 15 Minutes
Stabilized Gimbal over 2 and 3 Axes
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Optional: Equipment up to 4kg
Drone with 4 Motors
Flighttime ca. 10 to 14 Minutes
Stabilized Gimbal over 3 Axes
Camera: GoPro HD Black Edition


We offer only insured and officially approved copter flights; that is why charges for the approval of the ascent by the civil aviation authorities can accrue. For elaborate productions, our team will consist of 2 to 3 persons which guarantees you a smooth operation. Our drones have liability insurance for personal injury and property damage up to 3 million euros!

In addition, we offer you such follow-up services as photo retouching, photo developing, video editing, post-production services and archiving of your data. We will gladly advise you and are available for you at any time. You can best reach us by e-mail to: info@bse-airpix.de. Or call us on our mobile phone at: +49 (0)173/8547414


With our drones, we will fly to any structure you want and create the desired photo or film shots in excellent quality. You can track it all LIVE on a monitor and decide exactly which portions of your subject you would like to have appear in your shot(s). Even detailed shots are easily possible! For example, we use a digital mirror-reflex camera like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which has an impressive resolution of 21 megapixels for still shots and a video resolution in HD of 1080p. Additional options include thermal imaging and other specialized cameras. Our equipment ranges across quadrocopters, hexacopters and octocopters. That is what makes it possible for us to employ whatever technology you require. Our technology can transport everything from the smallest GoPro weighing less than 100 grams (⅕ pound) to the RED epic weighing several kilograms (up to 8 pounds).

Drone construction

As a result of a steadily increasing number of requests, we have decided to not only fly drones ourselves but to support YOU in your drone-purchasing decisions. We will manufacture for you precisely what your wishes and ideas require: a copter of your own with which you can take photos or make videos. We want to make our KNOW-HOW available to you and impress you with this newfangled type of photography. We offer a huge choice of variations and technology with which to build your copter. From a simple quadrocopter with just 4 motors to an octocopter with an approximately 3.5 kg (8 pound) camera-carrying payload, we can build it for you. It will take about 3 weeks for the copter to be completely built and ready to be sent to you. Naturally, you can also pick the copter up from us and log your first couple of flight hours right here. We look forward to your inquiry.

Service and Equipment RENTAL

We own a great deal of equipment, which you can, of course, RENT along with our camera crew to make your own production. Alongside our more than 10 camera drones, we also have steadicam systems like the Movi M10 and M5 ready-to-go. These brushless gimbals can be easily employed for ground shots as well as aerial photos. With this technology we create absolute eye-catchers of the highest standard. These gimbals easily stabilize our camera systems, regardless of whether it is a simple mirror-reflex camera like the Canon 5D Mark III, a Blackmagic 4k, a RED Epic or an Alexa M. Of course, we can also build in a focus puller and make that available to you as well.